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CREATED ON 12th March 2018

Essay about Exploring John Mill's Harm Principle

Freedom is a necessary principle to abide by in order for the human race to function. On the other hand, freedom could be taken advantage of, consequently leading to harmful effects to people directly and indirectly involved. The report, "On Liberty" by John S. Mills, puts emphasis on the functioning of individual liberty and its co-existence with society. Mills stresses the constraints of human freedom through what is famously known as his Harm Principle: "the only purpose for which power might be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to other people. His own good, either physical or moral, is not a sufficient warrant" (Cahn). With particular consideration put on drug usage and free language, this paper will delve deeper into the topic of an individual's sovereignty. The topic of implemented drug policies has continued to exist in society as a contentious topic. Mills would advocate that drug use is a personal choice and in banning it means prohibiting a person's free rights to govern themselves. Though drug use is an individual choice, its usage has influenced society in shape or the other. The decision weighs heavily on the person's interest in his liberty to use drugs contrary to the possible harm this may cause to himself and others. More recently, the war on drugs have increased the prohibition of recreational drug use. In order to rate its justification, the motives prohibiting its use need to first be explored. The most popular argument is that drugs are addictive and users become dependent on its own consequences to operate. If the dependency is not satisfied, it may disrupt the life of the user that this individual forms a threat to society. Addicted user...

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