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Arrowsmith Essay

Arrowsmith is a classic American book written by Sinclair Lewis. Lewis wrote this book in the early 1900's because of current perspective on the area of science in that time. The principal theme it centers on is commercialism and its effect on mathematics. In this period of time there were numerous advances in the field of medication; everyone had been racing to discover the cure to deadly diseases and then patent it and profit off it. Helping humanity was much more of a company than an agency into the human race as doctors and institutes became increasingly more capitalistic. Just like a business attempting to maximize its profit, many physicians and scientists cut corners and imagined at several items so they can get their products or strategies on the marketplace as fast as possible. But, there were several scientists who remained strictly dedicated to their own science, not allowing glory, money, and achievement tainted them. Scientists such as this loathed commercialism and held contempt from another physicians and scientists who dropped into that method of capitalism. The book follows the life of Martin Arrowsmith, a scientist who's torn between pure mathematics and commercialism. He wants to be an actual scientist but he is pushed into commercialism by everyone he meets, except for a select few. One of the couple is Max Gottlieb, who is Martin's version for what a true scientist should be. Gottlieb is a bacteriologist who's completely contrary to the capitalist principles of commercial doctors and scientists; he devotes himself religiously to his science, and he believes in being utterly thorough and not imagining or taking things without completely understanding them. Terry Wickett, a disciple of Gottlieb's, retains all the exact values and attitudes as Gottlieb toward citizenship and commercialism. He can help Martin break from commercialism, and eventually be a true scientist. Another man who greatly helps Martin in his own life is the original wife, Leora Tozer, that stands by and supports Martin regardless of what. She devotes herself to Martin up to Gottlieb devoting himself to his science. She supports him in whatever decision she decides to create, she helps and comforts him in his times of want, and she stays completely loyal to him constantly, even when he is not completely loyal to her. The narrative starts with Martin Arrowsmith as a medical student at Winnemac University, where he was initially introduced to industrial science and pure s.. .

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