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Essay on A Women's Relationship With Men in The Poem Daddy by Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath has brought the attention of many Women's studies supporters while being acknowledged as a amazing American poet. Most of her attention came as a consequence of her tragic suicide at age thirty, but a lot of her poems reflect actual events throughout her lifetime, transformed into psychoanalytical readings. Among Plath's most renowned poems is "Daddy". In this poem there are ideas about a woman's relationship with men, a potential insight about aspects of Plath's lifetime, and possible influences in the theories of Sigmund Freud. Plath's father died early in her life leaving her with unresolved feelings, and this attracted a great deal of troubles later on in life. Sylvia was a excellent student but if she had been overwhelmed by disappointments after a month at New York, she tried suicide ("Sylvia Plath"). After receiving therapy and recovering, she returned to college and later moved to England where she met her future husband, Ted Hughes ("Sylvia Plath"). Their union with two children didn't survive when Ted had an occasion. They separated and Ted moved in together with the new girl, leaving Sylvia along with their two kids. Battling depression during this time, Sylvia shortly stopped her life. She left behind several writings which many might see as signs of her own depression and suicide attempts. Sylvia wrote "Daddy" in 1963 about a woman's psychological battle with her German father who died and was just like a monster. This daddy represents Sylvia's own dad who died when she was still young. She wants to destroy him but he cannot return to life. His passing has caused Sylvia to have problems with all the guys in her future such as her former husband Ted, who she also refers to from the poem. Here is the very first kind of literary criticism that stands out, feminist.

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