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Japan and its own Customs General Information about Japan Japan has a population of approximately 125 million people packed tightly into a rather small geographic area. The official language in Japan is Japanese. Japanese is spoken only in Japan. The literacy rate in Japan is quite near 100 percent and 95 percent of the Japanese people has a high school education. Japan's sort of government has been parliamentarian democracy under the rule of a constitutional monarch. The dominant religion is Shinto, which is exclusive to Japan. On the other hand, the Japanese have no official religion. Appearance 1) Be appointments until you arrive in the country Japanese don't like newbies. Make appointments before you arrive in the nation. The simplest way is to be introduced personally by a Japanese agent, or even better, with a Japanese firm partner. Before you make an appointment send in depth information regarding your business. Your Japanese spouses expect you to ask for the exact same. 2) Be on time As a rule of thumb, the Japanese are always on time. There aren't any such things as being "fashionably late" or creating a "grand entrance". When an event is to start at 09:00, then it's best to arrive a few minutes early for yourself organized and be ready to begin right at 09:00 (perhaps not 09:05). 3) Dress conservatively In general, the Japanese are much more aware of the appearance in people than we're in the West. Some Japanese prefer to spend money on clothing than on food. From the big cities that your clothing is a sign of your background, social status, or wealth. In general, girls don't wear sleeveless shirts, shorts, or even showing styles. To conform to this typical businessman's style, men wear dark two piece suits with plain white shirts and traditional ties. The Japanese do not wear excessive amount of jewelry which are obvious signs of wealth. Although a part of jewellery may be costly, it is worn with a sense of quality, not quantity. Behavior 1) Greet having a lengthy and low bow Bowing represents humility. You elevate, honor, and respect another man by humbling yourself or lowering yourself. The lower you bow, the greater you're honoring or respecting the other party. As a Westerner, you aren't anticipated to commence a bow, but a bow must always be returned (aside from personnel at section stores and restaurants who bow to welcome...

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