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Susanna Moodie and Copway Essay

The two Susanna Moodie and Copway talk of character and environment with respect by showeing the positive sides of nature. In addition, they explain nature and the surroundings as a rough and difficult part of life. Susanna Moodie speaks of the wilderness as pure and a phenomenon that does not interfere with human activities. On the other hand Copway encounters a spectacle at the description of nature as presented at the travel recorded from the biography. However, both describe surroundings and wilderness in identifying ways that affect their manner of presentating Canadian character. Moodie describes the environment as an area with wide and stormy seas and chilly blasts with wintry storms. The man speaker also worries the dark forests because he plainly says it (Canadian Poetry 1). It is also evident what Moodie anticipated isn't what she experiences since she says that her first day’s encounter ends without much activity in the land of all their hopes. To add to that the emigrant views his new home in Canada and compares it with native land and then he remembers the warm hearts and bright shiny eyes of his loved ones that are far away. Copway’s regards to nature are clearly depicted when he decides to write about the Ojibwas. He attends a Methodist camp meeting with his father when his mother passed away where he is converted (Copway 14). Moreover, Copway demonstrates he's chosen to go to Lake Superior for the American Methodist Church mission at age sixteen, surprisingly, due to his dedication. Actually, the reader is able to note that he travelled a lot as soon as the Great Spirit came to him through the dream he never knew he could travel, but all in all he went to the great lakes, Europe and the upper Mississipp...

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