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Rhetorical Evaluation of MacArthur’s Duty Honor Nation Essay

For a united country to prosper, its people must conquer obstacles and undertake numerous duties. Throughout our lives, there are problems occurring inside our world linked to war and combat continuously. Of these right times of hardship, we should remind ourselves to persevere and continue steadily to defend the country. In addressing the Sylvanus Thayer Award on, may 12, 1962, at the populous city of West Point, NY, General Douglas MacArthur urged Americans to keep in mind the major obligations we've as Americans in his speech Duty, Honor, Country. With a posture of authority, MacArthur powerfully mentioned that America shall only survive through winning wars and fulfilling our duties. His main priority was to guard the nation, respect the country, and prosper for the reason that vast nation, otherwise remarked as three terms: duty, honor, and country. Through the use of rhetorical gadgets, MacArthur expresses the theme that Us citizens should defend the united states sturdily and keep on its numerous objectives by way of his moral code: “Duty, Honor, Country”. While addressing a robust declaration for our nation’s survival, MacArthur illustrates our have to utilize the moral code to be able to overcome the down sides and obstacles in earning wars and allowing the country to persevere. His message reveals more information on duties to conquer by his usage of parallelism: “We speak in unusual conditions: of harnessing the cosmic energy; of earning tides and winds function for all of us of mining sea floorsof space ships to the moon”. The various tasks had a need to fulfill expose a dependence on a nation with citizens of respectful and courteous intentions towards the country, where MacArthur believes is necessary for his moral code. Major advancements and improvements, which a country r...

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Dialogue:Behavioural ecology investigates the interaction among ecology as well as the behaviour of the animal. An animal's behaviour is the result of natural collection over past generations favoured by assortment (Deag 1996). It was observed that Dusky Moorhen, Ibis and Pacific cycles Black Ducks share equally aquatic and grassland environment in City's Botanic Backyard for their activities. Federal Pigeons' conduct was not observed by any kind of..
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