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Arnolfini's Marriage Essay

Arnolfini's Marriage Jan van Eyck has been "among the most important and most powerful Flemish painters of altarpieces and portraits of the 1400's" (Hayes). Van Eyck's paintings frequently include things with hidden symbolic meaning. There are several distinct interpretations of the symbolic meaning concerning his portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and his next bride frequently known as "The Arnolfini Marriage". Marriage is a sacred union between man and woman. A wedding is among the most significant events in a woman's life. Frequently a wedding occurs in the present of the wedding party, family and friends. During the 1400's a wedding ceremony has been performed in the privacy of the house. Van Eyck was hired to paint a portrait of the union union. "Some art historians, such as Panofsky, assert that van Eyck was a witness to the Arnolfini wedding along with also the painting serves as documentation of their vows" (Kren). Jeanne de Chenany appears pregnant in her wedding dress, this wedding has been kept private because it was a secret or maybe this type of dress was very trendy throughout the 1400's. The bride was certainly not a virgin, because white signifies pureness green. Arnolfini is holding Jeanne p Chenany hand as a reflection of his love for her. This wedding was held during the daytime because you can plainly see the light through the window in the painting. The single burning candle in the chandelier was not needed to light the space. This candle symbolizes the marriage candle or...

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