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Essay about The Truth About Love Revealed at Adam's Curse

The Truth About Love Revealed in Adam's Curse "Adam's Curse" is a poem by William Butler Yeats that was composed in a period when his first true love, Maud Gonne, had married Major John MacBride. This might have caused Yeats much pain and Yeats might have felt as cursed as Adam felt when God had punished man from the Garden of Eden. This poem, in fact, signifies his pain and lack of love that he once had and is a recollection of his memories during happier times with Maud. In the beginning of the poem "We sat together at one summer's end/ That Beautiful light woman your close friend/ And you and I, and talked of poetry", Yeats recalls a beautiful time with Maud. Poetry might be related to the speech of love, and Yeats recalls falling in love with Maud. He's reflecting on time that he has spent courting Maud, however due to the curse which Adam received from God, falling in love isn't as straightforward as it had been earlier. The "stitching and unstitching" tells of how hard it's to make a bond and put together adore. This love is subsequently taken apart and useless for Yeats, because he does not acquire Maud. This development of love was not simple for Yeats and neither is the loose of love. He is composing a poem here to express the difficulty he's having losing his first love, Maud. He conveys this in a poem and compares poetry to falling in love. This is a curse from God to all men. He wants it to be told this to write poetry is just as difficult as his endeavor to courtroom Maud. It is extremely difficult to produce a gorgeous poem, since it's tough to fall in love. Many people believe that writing poetry isn't hard job, as falling in love seems to be easy for many people. To create, "sweet sounds together" like in a po...

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