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Parody on Chaucer Essay

Chaucer’s publication The Canterbury Stories presents a framework tale created at the end of the 14th hundred years. It narrates the tale of a group of pilgrims who take part in a story-telling competition that they produced up to amuse one another while they travel to the shrine of Saint Thomas Becket at Canterbury Cathedral. Because of this, some of the reports become especially appealing for they are created within a framework of parody which, as a design that mocks genre, is normally attained by the planned exaggeration of some elements of it for amusing impact. Chaucer uses parody to emphasize some factors of the middle ages culture that provided in an overstated way, not really just perform they entertain the visitors, but makes them reveal on them also. He uses the individual parody of each tale to create a satirical book in which the behaviours of its characters paint an ironic and critical portrait of the English society at that time. Therefore, the stories switch satirical, ironic, earthy, bawdy, and humorous. When examining the Knight’s and the Miller’s story, one can realise how Chaucer mocks the like lifestyle courtly, and additional public rules of actions common of the ancient situations. “The Knight’s Tale”, for example, uses the idea of a dark night not really just to parody the idea of the leading man, but to query the well-established courtly like lifestyle also. This last concept refers to a set of ideas about love that was enormously influential on the literature and culture of the medieval times for it gave men the chance to feel freely. Also, it gave women the chance to be a significant component in the story - not only decorative. However, when scrutinizing the tale, the readers can appreciate that all the elements of a dark night’s like are presented and overstated throu...

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