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CREATED ON 12th March 2018

Technological Dependency Essay

Since the beginning of the last century, technology has become sole focus of our society. We are constantly trying to push boundaries of technologies, exerting all attempt to advance its capabilities, not to the purpose of creating our lives simpler, but to loosening our human limitations. Limitations which have controlled us from comprehending the depths of the world, our schooling, as well as geographical constitute our planet; shattering these constraints have revolutionized our lives. These revolutionized consequences have sparked discussions about whether we've become barbarous abuser of ourselves and technology? Our powerful desire for innovation and improve efficiency is slowly causing us to dispose of our cognitive and social abilities. What we sought to enhance and strengthen are being suppressed and destroyed because “we become cannibals. We consume ourselves living because these technologies are merely extensions of ourselves. The new environment formed by electric technology is a cannibalistic one that investigates people” (Stearn 261). Regardless, some individuals are some blinded by their attached to technologies that they create minute motive of why their addiction have become a benefit. Technology writer and author, Clive Thompson is among those people-cannibals-who consider that although we have become too dependent on technology, however the consequences of technology in our own lives have been mostly positive. In a recent interview with Thompson about his recent publication, Smarter than you might imagine, He says those other authors who proclaim technological dependency has caused us to become careful to big details and is slowing ruin our intelligence, aren't considering the big image. Thompson expresses that the large picture is that tech is.

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