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Bach and Schoenberg Essay

J. S. Bach has been the very first known composer to make use of a literal representation of his own title in his music. He utilized the chromatic motive B-A-C-H, that is, B-flat, A, C, B-natural in American theoretical language in Contrapunctuas XIV in the Art of Fugue. Though Bach abandoned this fugue unfinished, the third and final thing of the fugue was that the B-A-C-H motive that composers later Bach have used to pay tribute to the fantastic composer. There are a number of composers; including: Schumann, Liszt, Reger, Busoni, Schoenberg, and Webern, who've employed the B-A-C-H motif in their functions; varying the way they used it to help it become a part of their own style. NEED SCHUMANN, LISZT, REGER INTRODUCTION SENTENCES. In 1910, Busoni created one of most renowned roles, Fantasia Contrappuntistica, that "completed" Bach's unfinished fugue; the subject is readily noticeable in contrapuntal type. Back in 1923, the year Schoenberg established his twelve-tone strategy, he wrote op. 25 Suite FГјr Klavier, that employs his tonal row into inversion, the B-A-C-H purpose. In 1937-38, a student of Schoenberg and also a purveyor of serialism, Webern used a tonal row beginning with the B-A-C-H motive to create his bit Streichquartett, op 28. Each of the three contemporary composers utilizes this motif differently but they each have utilized those four notes to make a piece that connects each of these to Bach in a unique way. In Fuga a 3 Soggetti (Contrapunctus XIV) from the Art of Fugue; Bach first introduced two complete fugues with different subjects before starting the signature-subject. The topic begins with the four notes B flat, A, C, and B natural in a chromatic pattern that is easily recognized. As can be seen underneath, he quickly matches his topic in the tenor with a real answer at a fi...

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