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Atmosphere and Tension at Great Expectations Essay

Atmosphere and Tension in Great Expectations In this essay I am going to write about how Charles Dickens creates atmosphere and tension in the opening chapter, of Great Expectations. Because the audience cannot see exactly what Dickens wants them to, he has to create atmosphere and tension to guide the viewer through the incident, in addition to delegating the audience by keeping them interested. Dickens intentionally creates that air because he wants us to feel sympathy for Pip and what he is going through. And when we care about what happens to Pip we keep curious. Atmosphere and tension set the tone and mood of this book. Dickens begins his book by starting with Pip in the graveyard to create tension and atmosphere, by speaking to death along with tombstones. The narrative is set at a time were disease and death were common, before any major improvements in medicine, and it was ordinary to loose a great deal of your intimate family to illness. We're advised by Pip, that his mother, father, and five little brothers were buried there but that's all we're told. In doing that Dickens has deliberately produced a felling of solitude and helplessness and leaves the reader feel and identify Pip. Dickens tells us the churchyard is overgrowing with nettles and there are gravestones all around the area. Instantly the graveyard creates a morbid sense, and understanding that Pip's dead relatives are encircling him produces a scary feeling, which you would not want to be on your own. The reader becomes worried that a young child is in such a place , which adds to the dread that something might fail. Dickens also utilizes weather to create atmosphere and tension making it look bitter, and cruel. The weather is called a "raw afte...

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