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Essay On Man. Environment in To Build a Fire by Jack London

One can express several different kinds of topics in Jack London's, "To Build a Fire". Although I feel strongly that London's theme from the narrative is all about that the environment shapes who we are because it indicates that the guy is not strong enough to fulfill his surroundings. Allowing the surroundings to kill the person indicates that he's weak both mentally and biologically, while on the other hand the dog is stronger by surviving the exact same harsh environment. Instinct superior to reason is another theme that's highly portrayal able in London's narrative. In order for the dog to survive and the man to die, the dog necessary urge, of which the guy lacked. The man did acquire reason and observance but not great enough to let him reach his goal which makes it weak to instinct. From the harsh surroundings of Yukon, Alaska, it determined what types of people both the guy and dog were by pushing their limits. It is evident that the guy has barely any control over his surroundings because of this he attempts to build a fire but fails constantly. The very first time he builds his fire under the spruce trees, he doesn't assess the chance of their snow falling out of the tree on the fire causing the flame to extinguish. London explains that "It was his own fault or mistake." (London, 489) significance that the reason as to why the snow fell in the tree could not be held a duty of this guy but rather a mistake; because of this it isn't his fault because he couldn't predict whether the snow was about to fall or not but it is his mistake of constructing the fire there. I concur with London's excuse because the man had no control to prevent the snow from falling if he had, then it would have been considered his own fault, even though he was still held r.. .

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