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Stevenson's Use of Literary Approaches to Portray Evil at Jekyll and Hyde

This essay will concentrate on how Robert Louis Stevenson presents the character of evil through his novel 'The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde'. Using ideas like duality, the method used to emphasize the two different sides of a character or scene, allegories, an extended metaphor which has an underlying moral significance, and hypocrisy; in this book the Victorians being against all things wicked but regularly taking part in frown able deeds that would not be approved of in a 'respectable' society. This links in with the concept of secrecy among people and also that evil is present in everybody. The novel also has strong ties and can be greatly influenced by religion. Stevenson, being brought up after powerful Calvinist beliefs, portrays his ideas and opinion throughout the story in his characters; evil and good. Stevenson's most prominent character in the story is the mysterious Mr Hyde. Edward Hyde is introduced from the very first chapter when he tramples a young woman in the street, which attracts the reader's attention directly to his character. The reader will immediately know that this individual is a very important part of the publication and that he plays a key role in the narrative. This role is the only one of a respectable old man named Dr Jekyll's bad side or a 'doppelganger'. This links in with the idea of duality. Dr Jekyll is called being 'handsome', ' 'well-made' and 'smooth-faced'. On the other hand, Mr Hyde is called being 'barely human', 'pale and dwarfish', providing of an impression of deformity and 'so awful that it brought out the sweat on (Mr Enfield) like running'! These words go together to conjure up an image in the brain of an animal, beast or monster. Throughout the novel...

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