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Discuss the thought of innocence and expertise from Mansfield's work. Composing

Discuss the thought of innocence and expertise from Mansfield's work. The ideas of innocence and experience are regular themes that come up in Mansfield's stories. These thoughts often encounter in themes such as loss of sexual innocence -- 'The Little Governess'; loss of innocence through consciousness of death and mortality -- 'The Garden Party', 'Her First Ball'. Themes of aging and gaining of expertise as time passes are also suggested. The woman in 'The Woman in the Store', we could that she has already lost her innocence, whereas in the other tales we see the point where characters have lost her innocence. 'The Little Governess' is about a young, inexperienced and vulnerable girl who has sexually manipulated into a "world filled with old men with twitching knees". Connotations of this name already suggest that she is a naïve girl with no experience. She's described as the "little" governess -- indicating she is a naïve, innocent, so vulnerable girl who's diminutive with no experience. Also, individuals who became governesses in these times were typically bright but inexperienced middle class women. The typical terminology she uses sets her up and naivety. Usage of French and German dialect expressions highlights that the novelty of European traveling for its governess and her innocence and naivety.She is called "rather white, with big round eyes", "long lashes", "soft attractiveness", these descriptions again highlight just how childish and naive she is. Usage of foreshadowing is used to create themes and can be quite obvious regarding loss of sexual innocence. There is foreshadowing in the beginning "I constantly tell my girls that it is better to mistrust people at first as opposed to expect them", this sets up the atmosphere and giv...

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