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Blake That the Artist Essay example

William Blake was ahead of the time by his indignation in the treatment of bad children and black slaves to his unconventional perspectives on religion and politics. Yet the innovation of Blake's artistic functions is usually overlooked in comparison to that of the literary works. Perhaps it's because Blake's engaging style of writing thus profoundly engrosses readers that they often forget the importance of Blake's visual elements. In the analysis of art history, students who analyze the Romantic Age are so preoccupied with Blake's mainstream contemporaries that they rarely analyze his works in precisely the same level of detail. With the exception of a few fans, the general public is a lot more familiar with Blake the poet compared to Blake the artist. No matter the reason, the outcome is a lopsided perspective of a multitalented individual whose visual creations are only as original as his writings. Therefore, by analyzing among Blake' more obscure works, The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed with the Sun, one can gain a fresh insight on Blake's artistic ingenuity. If it's the piece of art is contemporary or as old as Blake's, it shares several common characteristics to look at when studying it. From the introduction of her art history textbook, Marilyn Stockstad writes "The work of art historians can be divided into four types of evaluation: 1. Assessment of physical properties, 2. Analysis of formal or visual arrangement, 3. Identification of subject matter or traditional symbolism, 4. Integration within ethnic context," (Stockstad, xxvii). The physiological properties and formal arrangement of The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed with the Sun show Blake's ability to picture a fantastical scene with astounding detail. This watercolor painting indicates ...

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Religious Women in Medieval PeriodThe Middle Age ranges did not give women many options of life-style. During these times women may either always be virgin martyrs and sacrifice themselves in religious traditions, or turn into wives and mother. non-e of these choices offered females a real possibility to live, to create, to enjoy. Fresh options appeared, these options allowed them not only to live free of man dominance, yet also to get educated and to use their particular creativity..
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