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CREATED ON 9th March 2018

Society's Impact on People Depicted at George Orwell's Shooting an Elephant and Lucy Grealy's Mirrors

Through the ages, people have at times been influenced by culture to do things they would not normally do. There are people who have been affected to do things they did not desire to do at the behest of the others, only to be accepted by their peers. The choices which are made in life change you either way even if they were created by you or somebody else. Each decision made has a consequence that will impact the individual and in return the decision will create a particular outcome. Influence is a hard thing to compute into a person's life and seeing how it affects lives for better or for worst is very tough. Perseverance through hardship is a theme that is observed in many works of literature, as those comprise "Shooting an Elephant" by George Orwell and "Mirrors" by Lucy Grealy. Influences fulfill their objectives while affecting others in many distinct ways. Both authors reveal similarities and differences from explaining how life has been taken advantage of by others. Society affects the choices an individual makes throughout her or his life. Back in "Shooting an Elephant" by George Orwell, Orwell explains how he was mistreated and loathed his whole life. He is the actual narrator of the story and he attempts to understand why folks are the way they are. "The only point in my entire life I have been important enough for this to happen for me" (Orwell, 354). This indicates that he's finally happy being approved by society, even though he had been wrong in his actions against the elephant. For Orwell, he is constantly fighting his demand to do that which he understands is right versus what will gain him acceptance into the society. At "Mirrors" from Lucy Grealy, Grealy explains how during her whole life she battled the traumatic disease of cancer. She is.

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