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Daniel Defoe and the Apparition of Mrs Veal Essay

"Wherever God erects a house of prayer, The devil always builds a chapel there, And't is going to be found, upon examination, The latter has the largest congregation" (Defoe, The True-Born Englishman. Part I. Line1). Daniel Defoe was a person of many beliefs, from political to religious he had been complicated in his worth. He was about a merchant, soldier, mill proprietor, bankrupt, spy, pamphleteer, convict, writer, editor, politically disruptive writer, and novelist. Yet for this day, his works and life are an intriguing and remarkable subject for those inquisitive to delve deeper into. Defoe's upbringing could be explained as none other than humble. He had been born into a butcher called James Foe at Stoke Newington, London, England. His family was that of Dissenters. Dissenters could be clarified as Protestants that did not adhere to the philosophy of this Church of England. Because of his family's refusal to pledge an oath of allegiance to the Church, he couldn't attend Oxford. But, Defoe still managed to get a good education at Newington Green. He enjoyed the life of a retailer for several years, but after going bankrupt in 1692 the realm of politics seemed to defraud him. His political interests were not always to his benefit because of his direct way of expressing himself. He wrote many important political journals,however it had been his 1702 pamphlet, "The Shortest Way with the Dissenters," that really brought his audience in an uproar. He was pilloried and convicted as a result of this pamphlet, also during his stay in jail he wrote many other governmental bits. Even after his release that he continued to write politically because of his paper, "The Review," from 1704 until1713. Throughout his life he was associated with 26 periodicals. During this period...

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