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CREATED ON 8th March 2018

Post About The Positive Effects of Video Games on a Child's Development

Do video games induce emotional, physical and psychological scars on kids? This question was pondered by countless researchers throughout the globe. On the news there were frequent accounts of acts of violence brought on by kids. However it is not the child, parents, or guardians which are blamed. Rather the media has often blamed that the video game business for these acts of immorality. After the Columbine Shootings Bill Clinton (1999) said that "More than 300 research report that the boundary between reality and fantasy violence, which is a clear line for most adults, can become very blurred for vulnerable kids. Kids steeped in the culture of violence do become desensitized to it and so are more capable of committing it themselves" The media has mainly focused their attention on all of the research concerning the negative impact of video games. However, what about the advantages of playing video games? Why hasn’t this aspect of the story been covered in as much detail? In actuality video games are a benefit to a child’s growth because they promote expansion in socialization, catalyzes self-growth and discovery via logical reasoning, and are a source of fun and freedom. In this modern age gamers are able to play with huge numbers of people around the globe. Both the video game industry and the neighborhood itself have increased exponentially over the past twenty decades. Gamers can play with friends that have known for years and with people with whom they have just met. It's a way of earning new relationships and connections as well as strengthening the ones of which they already have. For children growth in socialization is very important. For many children it is sometimes an overwhelming undertaking to speak with somebody for the very first time. How...

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