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Essay on Comparing Feminine Protagonists for the reason that Evening Sunlight and A Field of Wheat

In Faulkner's "That Evening Sunlight" and Ross's "A Field of Wheat", we discover both feminine protagonists victimized by their environment. In "That Night Sun", we observe Nancy as a victim of the racially discriminatory environment of the South in the first 1900's. In A "Field of Wheat", Martha falls victim to her environment and the wrath that character plays in her lifestyle and the life span of her family. In each whole story, the reader feels a feeling of despair in both ladies. I shall try to show that the surroundings where they live plays a part in their despair. Surviving in the South through the early 1900's was problematic for Nancy. In this era, racial discrimination against blacks was at a peak and the separation of dark and white communities was pronounced. Blacks were treated as property, not citizens - they didn't have rights. Accordingly, many white people had the energy to utilize the blacks at all they saw fit. Faulkner provides reader a good notion of what that is like very early in the story when Nancy confronts Mr. Stovall on her behalf money and she actually is kicked by him to the bottom, knocking out her tooth. It really is Nancy, not Mr. Stovall who is sent to jail as a total result of this incident. Furthermore, when Nancy tries to hold herself in jail, the guard beats her for putting him through the difficulty of experiencing to untie her. The reader sees other instances where it is problematic for a black person to reside in a white world. When Nancy inform Jesus that "It [the baby she actually is carrying] never arrive off your vine" (Faulkner 196), the reader realizes Nancy can be pregnant with another mans kid, presumably a white man's kid. We get a much better explanation of what lifestyle is similar to for blacks in this period when Nancy tells Jesus that Mr. Compton will not...

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