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Depiction of Etruscan and Roman Women in History Essays

The Etruscan society allegedly migrated from Tuscany or Lydia. (Klien, 166) Much of what scholars know regarding Etruscan society relies on funerary artwork. The Etruscans didn't keep any written records of their activity. What we understand about Etruscan lifestyle is based on their artwork left behind. Early on Etruscan society needed a lot of contact with the Greeks which reflect in much of the Etruscan works of art. The distinction in Etruscan art and Greek artwork is obviously seen via the Etruscan representation of couples in art. The pieces in this group will try to demonstrate how girls in Etruscan society enjoyed a liberal lifestyle in contrast to Greek and Roman counterparts. Etruscan girls were adorned with lush stone, had a public life and accompanied their husbands in banquets. Etruscan girls were affectionate mothers, and enthusiastic lovers. This emphasis is notably unique from the portrayal of couples among modern societies like the Greeks and Romans. This depiction of couples reflects the essential role woman clearly held in Etruscan society. ВЂњWomen at Etruria engaged more fully in the public life of compared to Greek and Roman women. They had their own titles, and passed rank on to their kids (Bonfante xx-xx). ВЂќ Etruscan women enjoyed the same equalities as guys such as hereditary ownership and having their own identity not solely confined to traditional roles of women in surrounding regions. Etruscan women could afford to provide financially for any children born to them, due to the Etruscan cultural setup. The liberty which Etruscan women relished didn't take their nurturing nature as many other societies such as the Romans thought. Women enjoyed a dignity comparable to that of the mal...

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