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Essay about The Rehabilitated Magwitch in Great Expectations

The Rehabilitated Magwitch in Great Expectations "A warmint, beloved boy" is the answer that Magwitch provides Pip when asked what he was brought to be (305; ch. 40). This is exactly what any person would expect from a guy who has lived a lifetime of crime. With further exploration, however, an individual will see that it's deeper than petty thieving and prison. By employing a character like Magwitch, Dickens suggests the implications of using the Australian penal colonies as a means of rehabilitation for criminals. It is fairly possible that Dickens has depicted an opinion of penal colonies in a very favorable way. After all, Magwitch is a successful, even famous, ex-convict who is responsible for Pip's wealth. By exploring the character Magwitch, one will have a better understanding of Dickens' perspectives on Australian penal colonies. Magwitch has lived the life of crime. It wasn't until he meets Pip, that he begins to change. The reason Magwitch was sent to the Botany Bay penal colony was to get "putting stolen notes in circulation" (323; ch. 42). His company, Compeyson, and chief engineer of this project was granted a lesser sentence as a result of his schooling and rich look. Magwitch was not so lucky and has been forced to withstand the trials and tribulations of servitude in the penal colonies. Not much is cited in Great Expectations regarding the actual colonies. It is intriguing, nevertheless, that Dickens would opted to incorporate a character that isn't simply killed but transported to vicious and cruel servitude that turned his life around. Magwitch's previous criminal record would have fit the normal stereotype of criminals sent to the colonies. He had a previous record before being tried on felony charges and would have been deemed un...

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