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Cyrano De Bergerac is Aristotle's High Minded Person Essay

Le Haut Homme Occupé D'Aristote Back in Cyrano De Bergerac, written initially by Edmond Rostand in French and translated to English by Brian Hooker, '' Cyrano de Bergerac stars in an epic poem of his fictional life as a large minded man. Aristotle, a great philosopher, says that a high minded person should have a head that's concerned with all fantastic things. Now, what exactly are these "great things"? There are plenty of great items that a high minded person must appreciate. I have chosen to research three of them to demonstrate that Cyrano is a good illustration of Aristotle?s high minded guy. The first great thing is honor, Cyrano is a really honorable person. The second one is helping individuals although not asking for anything in return, Cyrano likes to assist those in need, even if he does not receive any credit. The next person is bravery, courage, and never asking for assistance, Cyrano, even in the edge of existence, doesn't request any help from others to remain alive. Therefore, Cyrano is a superb example of Aristotle's high minded guy. Defined from the ? Webster?s II? Dictionary, the term ? Honor? Means respect and reputation. Conseque...

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