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CREATED ON 8th March 2018

Statistics on The Impacts of Personal and Work Life Balance Practices on Performance

1.1 Introduction so as to reduce work-life conflict and allow employees to handle their personal in addition to professional life in an equally efficient manner, the concept of work life balance is gaining popularity amongst various organizations. There clearly was a paradigm shift in the thought process of taking work life balance as just means of enabling employees to provide equal attention towards their family responsibilities from just looking at them from the view of the contribution towards enhancing organizational performance and along with this it is likewise helpful in engaging employee and also giving them a sense of pride to work in the specific atmosphere. Due to rapid changes in the market and culture of workplace in a diverse amount, the extending between demands of work and home has become an important factor which leads to employees to search for business providing improved family friendly practices. The relevance of these coverages are increasing day by day because of large number of working women, a rise in the number of single parents, unbalanced way of life, requiring to work after workplace. The priorities of each individual varies with the change in technologies, lifestyle, culture changes, social standards, etc.. The conflict which occurs because of those changes one of multiple roles that an individual have to perform compels them to leave the organization and join another with greater work life balance. So as to conserve cost related to recruiting and turnover, the associations are made to introduce different kind of policies to retain their existing workers. In the event of managing human resource it is impossible to apply already understood facts and statistics because of distinct mindset of each person. Due to...

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Article about the birth of human being ethics and death with the physical body
The Birth of Man Ethics and Death with the Physical Body systemLiving the life is regarding being content, but frequently we misunderstand the meaning of happiness. Understand the nature of living well and happiness philosophical systems, just like Confucianism and Epicureanism, can easily play important roles to clarify the notion of happiness. Confucianism embraces moral principles and behaviors in making one's existence organized within a collective world..
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