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Power, Prosperity and Like in The Alchemist, in Hedda Gabler and in Snow Bloom and the Magic formula Fan

Throughout the 20tl century, our look at of existence provides not really transformed very much from the former. Many of us are in desire power still, prosperity, and like. In Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen, it has demonstrated that some individuals desire authorities still. In “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, it has illustrated the value of wealth. At last, in “Snow Blossom and the Key Fan” by Lisa See, it stressed the binding between guys and guys. Each person is definitely validated in creating his and her very own fact because people possess exclusive features, they are motivated to endure, they possess worth, and they possess dreams to go after. Although now there are many of us in this global globe, each of us can be still developing in different ways and each of us provides exclusive features. Sometimes a situation can be a factor in creating a unique characteristic. In “Hedda Gabler”, Hedda, the primary protagonist, was blessed in a rich family members, but wedded a poor, youthful, scholar, Tesman. Hedda’s exclusive character was discovered when she was rich, and like what Tesman’s great aunt experienced stated “Good, you can’t question at that - General Gabler’s child! Think that of the type of existence she was used to in her family members period” (Ibsen 2). Cash is certainly one of the insurmountable obstacles between Hedda and Tesman. Therefore, to justify her own reality, she manipulates others as if she is normally the general’h little girl still. Being power hungry can generate a exclusive feature as well sometimes. Like Judge Brack in “Hedda Gabler”, he is convinced that the power is definitely got by him to perform whatever he wished. His unique characteristic is developed because he was a man, and he was a judge during the late 19th. A estimate to stand for him will end up being “Power damaged and total power corrupts absolutely” (JFSCF). Robert G. Howard, PH.M says that when envi...

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