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The Memoirs of Abbot Guibert of Nogent Essays

The Memoirs of Abbot Guibert of Nogent When thinking about a medieval monastery the first thing that springs to mind is that the source of the word monastery which comes from the Greek monos, meaning independently. Monasticism alone is a method of life that's dedicated to God from seclusion. A large portion of monasticism is isolation, not only from your neighbors but from household. When taking the vows for a monk one not just fully devotes ones existence to God but all friends, loved ones and earthly possessions are left behind. Taking the vows of monasticism takes barbarous dedication and intense strength. What pushed Guibert of Nogent into monasticism is that his mom withdrew in the planet after his dad's death. During this time he was left alone and became quite rebellious. He also was attracted to the reform of monasticism which gave it a much more community aspect. Thirdly, literature and history became a big portion of the monastery during the middle ages and Guibert wanted to be a successful author and historian. When Guibert joined the monastery he combined a rigorous religious order that had come along way form the period of hermits and the reforms by which relevant to him, for the large part. Guibert of Nogent became a monk because he was suited for monastic existence and to provide himself the restraints and achievement he wanted from life. He had been at a young age and has been left without guidance and became clear. However on his adolescence, he states, "I emulated older boys into their juvenile rowdiness, and that I was completely bereft of discretion and responsibility." When he had been left on his own Guibert became quite unsettled and that result in problems with himself and other around him. He desired the structure and dedication which life at a monastery provides. His mother wanted him to go past the church and has been very against him going into the monastery. Taking that into account it gives Guibert a very tough selection but he chose the one that he desired due to the guidance of their abbot. Furthermore, he states upset his mom was with him getting a monk: "Invested me with it while my mom watched in tears from afar" This reveals how he is prepared to forgive his mother to please himself and that proves his devotion. When thinking about the sacrifices Guibert gave up so as to survive the monastic life. It is what he truly wanted to be, a person cannot just connect a monastery you have to...

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