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Statistics Concerning Answer to Rain, Steam and Speed by Joseph Mallord William Turner

Response to Rain, Steam and Speed by Joseph Mallord William Turner Turner includes out-prodiged nearly all former prodigies. He has created a picture with actual rain, behind that can be real sunshine, and you anticipate a rainbow every moment. Meanwhile, there is a train down upon you, actually moving in the rate of fifty miles a hour, and which the reader had best make haste to see, lest it should dash from the for the way in which 'Speed' is completed, of that the less is said the better, -only it is a good fact that there is a steam coach going fifty miles and hour. The world hasn't seen anything like that picture. This is Thackeray's answer to Turner's Rain, Steam and Speed upon viewing it at the Royal Academy exhibit at 1844. A massive canvas displayed in the place of honor on the back wall of the East area of the exhibition, the painting has been at the time and also important and provocative comment on contemporary technologies in general and more specifically on the steam locomotive and the Great Western Railway that has been featured so prominently at the name. This painting was significant because though this was not the very first time railways was the depicted in artwork, it was the very first time for this sort of subject matter to be taken up on such a huge scale and for public display. Both the Ian Carter and Gerald Finley claim that despite the criticism already written concerning this intricate work it remains engaging and still keeps layers of significance that have not been attracted to light. Rain, Steam and Speed can be read as a celebration of new technology and the newest Britain which was forming in its aftermath, a lament for a departure 'gold' age, or as Carter indicates as a mixture of the two, it "is about reduction but also about advancement. To be more exact it is all about the casualties of progress and also the impossibility of not changing.' ; In other words, this painting presents the audience with a visual metaphor depicting the dialectic, between change and stasis, between the old and the newest, which arises in the condition of modernity. Employing this view at a starting point, this paper will investigate some of the topics of this challenging job and analyze a few of the issues that surround this still evocative painting. The "history of prior ages exhibits nothing to be compared with all the psychological activity of the present. Steam which annihilates space and time, fills ma...

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