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Essay about Emily Brontë's Personal Influence on Wuthering Heights

It has been proven evident throughout the history of literature that authors will be inclined to integrate their own lives into their works. This is true in Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë. Even though the publication is in itself fanciful, Brontë invites viewers into her private life by the way in which she writes her book. Literary elements are often taken into account when determining the worth of a literary work. However, they provide more than just layers of complexity to a work. Brontë uses innumerable metaphors to portray relevance for her own life. The ongoing comparison between the characters in Wuthering Heights and Brontë's life only illustrates how often authors use their works to reflect their lifestyles. The endless question pertaining to Emily Brontë is "how can such a sheltered child write such scandalous stories" (The New Republic). Emily Brontë grew up in Yorkshire, England. Her mom, Maria Branwell, succumbed to cancer at the age of thirty eight, leaving Emily motherless at age three. Her father, Patrick Brontë, was a clergyman who secluded himself from even his family. He was even known to eat dinner in his room. Mr. Brontë never remarried, leaving himself to raise six kids by himself. This upbringing resulted in Emily's lack of familiarity with the outside world (Emily Jane Brontë). Emily Brontë was the fifth of six children, all of which turned to literature as a comforting form of saying (The New Republic). Emily Brontë's only friends were her siblings, however she had been really more unsocial and reserved (Emily Jane Brontë). Soon after beginning their education at Clergy Daughter's School at Cowan Bridge, two of Emily's sisters contracted tuberculosis. Maria and Elizabeth returned in school...

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