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CREATED ON 7th March 2018

Statistics on Crisis Management Based on Cornelissen

In order to consider the effects of social media on the procedure for crisis communications to the professional communications specialist, I will first examine the traditional approach as summarized in our class textbook, "Business Communication, A guide to practice and theory" by Joep Cornelissen. (Cornelissen, 2008).) I'll then relate a number of the exceptional issues now confronting communication professionals who have to engage in a societal networking landscape when fixing a current crisis. Crisis Management According to Cornelissen Cornelissen writes "Issues and emergency management entails identifying and analyzing issues and crisis and creating an appropriate communication reaction so that harm to the organization's reputation and relationships with its stakeholders will be diminished" (Cornelissen, 2008, p. 214). He proceeds to define the special nature of an issue versus a catastrophe that needs to be coped with A problem may often be a pre-cursor into a crisis. An issue may exist as a topic of public concern prior to the focus turning to a particular firm. It may be claimed that overall worries about the continuous and pervasive increase of more complex electronics in cars has worried consumers for several years and that came into consideration with the current attention on Toyota's "sudden acceleration" issues. Most probably it is the "unsettled" nature of a "thing that is prepared for a decision" (Cornelissen, 2008, p. 215) that offers a very clear indicator of whether an issue has turned into a catastrophe or not. A crisis is a problem which has risen from the realm of debate to one which requires some immediate action from the company. Issues proceed through a series of levels that have latent, lively, intense to tragedy. This development consists of...

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