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Essay on Role of Women in The Middle Ages

The foundation of the Middle Ages is generally known through the listed achievements of wealthy aristocratic guys. The rigidly stratified social arrangement enabled little or no opportunity for progress, especially for the very poor. Consequently, the voice of this poverty stricken masses goes unheard or is only drowned out by the ruling class. But beyond the discontented whisper of this poor, yet another voice without even a breath to push it yearns to be noticed. That is a voice which will ultimately help to incorporate ancient society and also help to establish a more civilized culture in Britain. No louder than a whisper, this really is the voice of women. It's a silent cry whose importance was underestimated and undervalued both economically and socially. Girls were appreciated in the Middle Ages, but only as an economic product (Mundy 212). They served two main functions within ancient society: child bearer and manual laborer. Because girls represented a large supply of cheap labour, they quickly became the mainstay of the medieval economy. Oftentimes they would work alongside men in the disciplines. However, women were paid less than children's salary for their work (Cipolla 234). The Church would not permit women to take jobs which demanded literacy (Mundy 209). In fact, besides hard labor the only occupation open to women was midwifery. "In hospital job girls were almost as important as men" (Mundy 210). The textile sector was dominated by women, especially the woolen and silk industries (Cipolla 200). Though girls enjoyed virtual domination in these crafts, they were paid next to nothing. In addition to the intense labour, women had household duties to meet, especially when a girl had been married (Cipolla 266)...

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