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Biography of Joseph Patrick Kennedy Essay

Biography of Joseph Patrick Kennedy Joseph Patrick Kennedy has been a really successful banker and film executive, born in Boston, Massachusetts, on September 6, 1888. Considered by many to be America's version of this "royal family," the Kennedy's of Boston, Massachusetts have appreciated triumphs and seen tragedy throughout the 20th century. As the family patriarch, Joseph Patrick Kennedy instilled values of devotion to public support, determination to succeed, and devotion to family. His father, Patrick Joseph, was a booming saloonkeeper. Patrick also was busy in Boston politics, as Irish ward boss, a five time state agent, and state senator. Kennedy's parents were worried for their son to be successful, however in the Boston social surroundings of their time, achievement was hard to achieve for people of their Irish-Catholic background. It was Kennedy's mother, Mary Augusta, who decided that her son should be known as Joseph Patrick instead of Patrick Joseph, after his father. She feared the "Patrick Kennedy" appeared "too Irish" Mary Augusta believed in elitist Brahmin Boston, being Catholic and Irish could block entry to "better" society. Mary arranged for her son to make use of a millinery shop, bringing hats to wealthy ladies. She educated her son that, if requested his name, to reply only "Joseph," so as to avoid drawing attention to his cultural background. Both parents were conscious that entry to the higher degrees of Boston society dictated that Kennedy mix with these outside his Irish neighborhood. They sent their son to Catholic schools for his early education, but if he was older he attended Boston Latin School and Harvard University, to be educated with Boston's elite Protestant households. Though Kennedy made a few friends at Harvard, particularly among the minority of Irish students there, and was popular with young Irish girls, Kennedy never had been accepted by a majority of the pupils - anti-Irish, anti-Catholic opinion was strong. 1 friend cautioned Kennedy to be very careful in his behaviour because Boston Brahmins were watching for any sign that would justify their prejudices. Kennedy's determination to ingratiate himself with the prominent Protestants was seen by some as distasteful and pretentious. He was never encouraged to join any of Harvard's "better" clubs. Friends suggested what they felt was among Kennedy's more commendab...

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