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Carlo Ginzburg's Night Battles vs. Keith Tomas' Religion and the Decline of Magic

Carlo Ginzburg's Night Battles vs. Keith Thomas' Religion and the Decline of Magic Carlo Ginzburg's Night Battles summarizes the connections that existed regarding magic and using witchcraft as they where considered by both the popular and the elite regarding the benandanti in the Italian Region of Friuli. Keith Thomas' Religion and the Decline of Magic does something similar except his subject area is in all of England and comprises more information and examples of the beliefs and practices of the English. Both the English account and the accounts of the Friuli benandanti have a lot of similarities that exist between both as well as some distinct differences. The differences between both groups are revealed by the way the common and elite handle the situation and the way that both separate scenarios changed over time both sharing some attributes while having other features being different exactly the exact same in the two areas. In England the function of magic wasn't one that surrounded the devil or evil in the mind of the popular belief. Magic, on the other contrary, can be used properly and for positive purposes could be a good thing. People would tell they had or wished to stop by a cute person, somebody that uses magic to find lost items, in order to discover certain information or to show who had stolen from them. This practice wasn't frowned upon by popular opinion. This acceptance of the proclamation of the use of a cute man indicates the public acceptance of magical if used in the ideal type; and the popular opinion that a cute man wasn't someone to be feared or loathed.1 However, the cunning man was somebody who could assist you via magical means so you could...

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