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Writer about 'For King and Country'

This essay will look at how satisfactorily the rationale 'For King and Country' drove men to enlist and fight in the Great War. Dedication to the monarch and jingoism was a enormous motive in this period of time. Frequently this was more of a reason to fight than over any other. People expressed a feeling of nationalism that perhaps is not seen as much in Britain today. Along with the drive to fight in honor of the autonomous and Britain there are a lot of other factors that encouraged men to join the military such as economics, unemployment, conscription and peer pressure. Some incentives could have influenced the men's conclusions more than others. Certain individuals weren't fans of the Royals and therefore refuted the very idea of falling near death on the battle in honour of the King. There were also reasons that persuaded men to choose from engaging in battle leading them to tolerate unwanted criticism that branded them cowards. If anything this contributed men into scorn the notion 'For King and Country' sense their private reasoning for not participating was irrelevant and insignificant. What was deemed to be a great encouragement for a single man to combine the armed forces wasn't for another and the reasoning behind many men's choice to request detract in their comrades. In certain incidents guys lacked any motivation whatsoever and it had been the sole instance that they were called upon and requisitioned to unite in the conflict. Britain did not have conscription at the start of the war and to get some 'For King and Country' was not a large enough opinion for them to inject so it had been necessary for the authorities to discover different ways and means to promote the men of Britain to sign up to join the military and fight for their country. One of these has been propaganda. .

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