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Essay on Izutsu or The Well-Cradle from Zeami

One of the very classic Japanese Nō dramas is none other than Izutsu, or "The Well-Cradle" as frequently interpreted in English. Written by Zeami who is perhaps the strongest playwright to the Nō Theater, Izutsu was written around the late 14th century during the Muromachi Period in Japan. Compared with other Nō plays, it's comparatively simple in character because there are three roles which must be played--shite, waki, and so forth--and the story is really characteristic of the typical Nō play (Araki and Brazell, 143). Since a girl assumes the shite function, Izutsu is categorized as a third-category play or katsura-mono (wig play), and since the play deals with supernatural happenings, or at the play's situation, the remaining spirit of a lady, it's also regarded as mugen (phantasmal) nō (Tyler, 124). Through a careful evaluation of Izutsu, you might not only celebrate its fascinating story, but also learn about its structure, aesthetic motifs, and associations together with the Buddhist faith that easily make this play among the biggest Nō dramas ever. The jo (launch) starts on a fall day using a travelling monk (waki) halting at the remains of this Ariwara Temple in Isokonami. Realizing that this location was where Arihara no Narihira and his wife, the daughter of Ki no more Aritsune, once lived according to legend, and he offers a prayer on their accessibility to comfort their spirits. The scene then changes into another part, ha (exposition), as a gorgeous feminine villager (maeshite) sings about her solitude and longing for a particular man. The monk then finds the girl fetching water in the well to create an offering into some grave-mound that's later revealed to be Narihira's grave. Curiously, he inquires who she is and that which ties she mi...

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