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CREATED ON 7th March 2018

Essay about Is Senator McCarthy a Victim or Victimizer

In the beginning of the 1950s, there was a fear of communism grasping the hearts of Americans. As the bane of Christianity grew internationally, spreading into China in 1949, Americans feared that there were roots of communism within the USA too. As the years progressed, spies have been discovered, and committees were made to maintain Communist parties in the United States in check. On February 9, 1950, Senator Joseph McCarthy made a seemingly revolutionary statement, announcing that he owned the titles of hundreds of communists from the government. Through dishonest procedures and breaking the law, a paranoid McCarthy established a higher position for himself from the nation, but destroyed the reputations and lives of hundreds of individuals through lies and false signs. Senator McCarthy was unquestionably not a victim of the period. Mostly, Senator McCarthy wasn't a victim of his time since he unjustly challenged and broke various laws during the trials. According to Richard Simon of The Los Angeles Times “long-sealed transcripts of closed-door hearings conducted by Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy demonstrated McCarthy’s revolutionary and abrasive approaches” (Simon). For example, in February 1954, an army officer spurned questions of the trials, citing a presidential order “against the revelation of their military personnel and security records” (Simon). But, McCarthy neglected the presidential order and threatened the officer by stating that if he did not answer the questions, then his case would go to the Senate for contempt of the court. As a result, McCarthy demonstrated his unwillingness to obey the law, and it showed his greed for power since he overrode an order from the most powerful political figure in the United States. Furthermor...

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