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Characterization of Women as Empowering Statistics in The Country Wife and Pygmalion

At The Country Wife, women are treated as mere objects and are seen by the men of the play as being poor. Sparkish views Alethea as a thing which should be flaunted around and is just considering marrying her to her wealth. Sparkish revels in the concept that he be envied because of his wife because he believes that allowing more guys to love her and envy him for possessing her will boost her worth. In viewing her as something which increases worth, Sparkish likens her into a treasure with an auction, whose value goes up as the number of bidders rises. Mr. Pinchwife does not view his wife for a person because he will not let his wife go out and revel in the wonders and sights of city life and instead keeps her confined to the home. Like Sparkish, Mr. Pinchwife did not wed Margery out of love, but as he says he marries her since she's a fool which will ensure that he does not become a cuckhold. Mr. Pinchwife’s announcement shows that views women as being items that affect men’s status determined by if their spouse is faithful or not. While Sir Jasper seems to express girls in a positive light when he states, “That sweet, soft, tender, tame noble creature woman, made for man’s companion” (II. I.460-461), he also reveals he has a taste of features which make women docile and obedient towards their husbands. As pointed out by Horner, when he says, “So is that soft, gentle, tame, and more noble creature a spaniel, and has all their tricks-can fawn, lie , endure beating and fawn the more” (II. I.462-464), the words that Sir Jasper uses to describe women can ideally be used to refer to a puppy as well. The words “tame”, “noble” and “man’s companion” (II. i.459-461) dehumanize women because women are likened to accessor...

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