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The Sins of Gregor Samsa of Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis Writer

The Sins of Gregor Samsa of Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis Gregor Samsa's crimes originate from his extreme dedication to his family, and consequently in his intense devotion to his work, which then makes him seriously devout into the conformist society that creates his universe. Gregor's crimes aren't of the range that includes what one may think about standard or normal crimes, and his own motives come from a different set of values compared to those who society would believe to be the median. As a consequence of Gregor's abnormal and identifying crimes, he becomes the victim of a strange punishment which indirectly benefits all of Gregor's previously mentioned motivations. Inside the movie of Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis, Gregor's awkward punishment turns out to become his transformation into a despicable and horrid bug. Gregor's transformation is because of his crimes, including alienating and losing himself in his work, stealing the place of head of the home from his dad, and becoming a conformist in a society which requires deviation to identify and justify its conformity. Gregor's punishment of transformation gives him the capacity to regret for all of the crimes for which he has been convicted of by society and himself and make appropriate all of his aforementioned wrongs. Gregor's devotion to his occupation remains undeniable; even right after the metamorphosis Gregor has plans for making it into function, alibi several moments late. However, despite his devotion, Gregor refuses to be satisfied with his job and all that it entails, most notably his treatment. "What a destiny; to be condemned to work for a company where the smallest negligence gave rise to the best suspicion" (Kafka 9). The disdain because of his job happens to be justified, just as his ded...

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Roger and Me personallyThe film was one that utilized and demonstrated many techniques present in the genre of documentary. Michael Moore took every aspect of making a film and beautifully executed it. The causing product was one that was to the point and interesting.The very first thing that I realized was Moore's ability to employ B part and integrate it easily into the film. One example would be when he was moving home from San Diego. The story lower to a landscape in a movie..
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