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CREATED ON 7th February 2018

The Media and Violence in our Society Essay

Violence has ever played a role in social networking. It is found everywhere around the globe. Media does contribute to violence in our society. This article will show that websites does contribute to violence in our society by analyzing music, video games and Web websites. Firstly, 1 form of violence which influences behavior in our society is audio. This kind of media is an issue to parents that are interested in the development and expansion of their children because of the negative and damaging themes of some kinds of audio. Let us take for instance the rap artist Eminem. In his record "Marshall Mathers", he talks about murdering his wife, and plans to murder and rape his mother. These violent legends encourage hatred against women. But, his "Marshall Mathers" release offered 679 567 copies in Canada in 2000 and was also the year's best selling album. These sort of music affects teenagers on thinking that it's okay to disrespect women and possess an aggressive behavior as well. If a teen is continually preoccupied with music like this, that has destructive themes, there is. .

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