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Color Vision Deficiency Essay

Color Vision Deficiency is your inability to view and differentiate colors correctly. It is more commonly known as color blindness. The name is derived from the lack or incapability to see color. There are various kinds of this eye disease. They comprise Monochromacy, Dichromacy, and Anomalour Trichromacy. Monochromacy is when someone can't see any colour. They see color as variants of gray. An individual with Dichromacy has just two thirds, the part of the eye in the retina which contrasts colour in blue, green and red. With only two cones, the patient has a limited color spectrum. Anomalour Trichromacy is when one cone is unable to work properly, thus altering the understanding of color. For all these different types, there are a myriad of symptoms. The most frequent symptom is the abnormal understanding of colors and their brightness. A person would be unable to differentiate between shades of the exact same color, thus incorrectly labeling them. With color blindness it would also be hard to identify reds and greens, because those colors are a part of both chief cone pigments that help with seeing color. When one sense, seeing, is damaged, the others senses compensate for that lost by being strengthened; thus a colorblind person could have an exceptional sense of smell. Another symptom is Achromatopsia, in which the cones do not function correctly so the individual sees in shades of black and white. A person with this condition had no understanding of color. With Achromatopsia, a patient may develop Nystagmus, which is when the eyes rapidly move side to side. This symptom appears as a consequence of vision loss. A milder version of Achromatopsia is Incomplete Achromatopsia, where the individual can understand color to a slight degre...

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Prozac - the Harmful Miracle MedicineAmerica's culture has turned to an hostile means to handle the overpowering numbers of people that suffer from major depression - antidepressant medication. "The National Company of Mental Health... offers estimated that almost 15 million Us citizens are really depressed which a total of 14 million will suffer by it during their lifetimes" (7). Taking psychiatric drugs such as Prozac is becoming trendy. Persons no longer..
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