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Terry Tempest Williams' Journey Into Self Spirituality Essay

Terry Tempest Williams is a naturalist, a feminist, a writer who brings such power into everything she touches. Herself driven passion with her positive outlook and push change has brought so much goodness into this world. She's overcome many obstacles, including her very own battle within herself, but has realized that the fight with character is the same struggle we have with ourselves and finally accepting the consequence; whatever might be unnatural, or natural, is the key to life. Terry is a Mormon who grew up in Utah, loving nature and trying to keep it natural. She never understood why there were so many people that didn't care. She found peace in serenity in a bird refuge. She reached the bird refuge many, many times. This was her sanctuary, where things made sense. The bird refuge in the Great Salt Lake is home to her, and her family before her. Her grandmother taught her so much of the ways of the lake, the animals, and how it was to be conserved. She often went back to her child memories where she spent most of her days there with the birds, just watching how they live their life in so much peace, unaware of all of the hurtful pieces of life outside of their property. "This is another paradox of mine, wanting to be a bird once I am human." (Williams,R 266) There was one particular place that was her favorite; she would come to watch owls nest. They would nest in the same spot year after year. On one occasion she had come to see them, watching their heads pop up, and they were gone. A truck full of construction workers were making fun of her as they thought the owls were no major thing. She was polite, as a good Mormon girl should be, she smiled and stuck out her middle finger at them and walked awa...

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During my interview, I spoken with my personal roommate regarding her experience of health care. Your woman from a small community that contains 1, 500 people that is certainly a predominantly white community.My roommate is affected with depression through which she gets prescribed medication from her doctor. During the interview we mentioned her experience of the health care relating to her mental disease and also how she sensed about our health and wellness care system..
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