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Sherman Alexie A Native American Writer Article

Sherman Alexie has made a name for himself as a prolific contemporary Native American writer, taking inspiration from his own past and experiences with contemporary Indian life. When there are lots of enduring themes during Alexie's writings: Native individuality, contemporary reservation life, alcohol abuse etc. when it has to do with his assortment War Dances, the very obvious motif is fatherhood. Community and family will be the heart of Native American cultures, together with the father archetype holding fantastic honor and expectation. However with alcohol misuse, poverty, and college drop rates running rampant through Native American reservations it's not surprising that more and Native American kids are growing up in broken homes. In an alarming poll from the Kids Count Data Center, a federal census, at 2011 out of 355,000 polled 53% reside in metropolitan homes. The shortage of a leader, a strong male role model is an important factor in many of the abysmal figures facing contemporary reservation children. The despotism of Native American culture has always been predicated on the deprivation of energy, standing, equality, and home. This introduces a paucity of male dominance, so many of these men feel helpless in a society where they have no real identity. They are made to reside from the idea they don't have any personal potential so it is understandable why the majority of Indian men might feel inadequate and unable to care for their own families. Alexie himself fought in a home with an alcoholic and neglectful dad, also like most Native children he almost gave into a similar chain of abuse and alcoholism. This is what motivates him to write, to expose the corroding inner workings of the modern Native peoples caused by centuries of autocracy. Oppression and the idea of fatherhood is a standard.

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