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Article on The Association between Sugar and Slavery in the Early Modern Period

Discuss the Relationship between glucose and slavery in the Early Modern Period. "No commodity on the face of the Earth has been wrested from the soil or the seas, either from the heavens or the guts of the world with this kind of distress and human bloodstream as sugar". (Anon) Sugar in its many forms is as old as the Earth itself. It's a sweet tasting thing for which individuals have a natural appetite. However there's more to sugar compared to its sweet flavor, instead cane sugar has been shown historically to have created a more complex process of cultural change altering the lives of all those it's touched, both the people who grew the commodity and also people for whom it was grown. Suprisingly, to get something so desireable understanding of sugar cane disperse vey slow. First located in Guinea and first farmed in India (sources vary on this), understanding of it would only arrive in Europe thousands of years afterwards. But, there is more to this history of sugar cane in relation to a simple story of exactly how something was embraced piecemeal into various cultures. Instead the history of sugar, with respect to the particular question, really merely takes off with its introduction to Europe. First exposed to the joys of sugar cane through the crusades, Europeans instantly acquired a taste for this particular sweet substance. This essay is really a legacy of the introduction, as it's this function that foreshadowed the sugar associated explosion of commerce in slaves. Really Henry Hobhouse at 'Seeds of Change' goes so far as to state that "Sugar has been the first dependance upon which led Europeans to establish tropical mono cultures to fulfill their own dependence." I wish, then, to show that the repurcussions of sugar introduction into Europe and therefore to the New World, and outline particularly the parallel between the suga...

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