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Two Aged Females, by Velma Wallis Essay

The global globe can be packed with many different types of communities and civilizations. This is due to the known fact that many people share dissimilar beliefs and ideas, as well as different ways of life. People resided under different fine prints and situations, consequently forming ethnicities and communities with concepts they developed, themselves. These two elements, culture and society, are what motivate people to implement the items that they perform. Many times, however, tradition and culture can trigger downgrading results to an assemblage if ever it is usually damaged or prejudiced. Society and culture not only influences the feelings individuals have toward things like age differences, religion, power, and equality but the actions they perform consequently also. People of different ages often have problems with one another due to the depravity of society and culture. Because of age differences, people are often seen as incapable or have no ability to carry out things that others are able to do, like acquiring or enduring treatment of themselves. In one book, Two Old Women, by Velma Wallis, the two main characters, Ch’idzigyaak and sa␙, were still left because they had been aged and dressed in straight down the tribe or therefore the tribe thought simply. “The council and I have arrived at a decision We are going to have to leave our old types behind” (Wallis5). They believed that carrying out therefore would help them rebound and obtain back again to living a regular life style. Nevertheless, the full reverse of what they anticipated occurred. Of thriving instead, many of the tribe’t users finished up declining on their trip. The culture that they had been a component of produced a decision of departing the aging population at the rear of, in expectations of recovery, but damage is usually what lead. In the final end, the culture and its affects on the eager people i actually...

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