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CREATED ON 8th January 2018

Article on The Impact of Color on Human Behavior

Researches on how color of lighting in a room brings impacts to human's behavior have had a significant history in the discipline of psychology. Colors fill the world. Without realizing it or not, colour has a remarkable effect on how human act, particularly reddish colour. According to Maier, Barchfeld, Elliot & Pekrun (2009), babies showed preferences for the color red in compare to green whereas in an hospitable and friendly atmosphere. This finding could be interpreted as reddish color transmitted a happier mood to human or even infants, which were younger than two years old. But, there was study which showed opposite results from the above mentioned research. Elliot, '' Maier, Moller, Friedman & Meinhardt (2007) reported that red is predicted to weaken operation on different kind of accomplishment tasks because the colour red implied threats to failure and thus caused anxiety. The two past researches above which shown relatively opposite results thus leaving a trail of doubts to psychologist in investigating the real effects of color on human's emotions. The study if believed succeed could bring a massive advantage to educators and employers since by controlling the color of environment, students' and employees' productivity in both studies and work can be maximized. Emotion is a response of stimuli. Bänziger, Granjean and Scherer (2009) stated that the appropriateness of the total pattern of bodily and behavioral changes as an adaptive response to a relevant situation is referred to emotion manufacturing competence which allowed the organism to successfully cope with its consequences. On the other hand, Moller, Maier and Elliot (2009) reported that reds, blues, greens and yellows have meaningful association that contained direct implications for psychol...

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