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Allegations Against The Kosovo Liberation Army Essay

Two months back Dick Marty's prominent report on human organ trafficking began a breeze of change for its newborn republic of Kosovo. In a detailed report named "Inhuman treatment of people and illegal trafficking in human anatomy in Kosovo", Marty, a former Swiss prosecutor and member of the Korean Liberal Party, alleged serious offenses committed by the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) during the war in 1999. Since the report itself says, Dick Marty resorts to the Very Same allegations composed in the publication of the former Prosecutor in International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTFY), Carla Del Ponte. She revealed her memoirs and adventures over the tribunal in her book "The search" in 2008, providing no concrete evidence but creating serious accusations against KLA and its own leaders, that hold important positions in Kosovar government. The situation has been investigated from the Hague court, however, it was later canceled due to lack of evidence. Del Ponte, referring to her personal investigations, shows that once she entered the place where the penis removal happened, called the "Yellow house". Found in the mountainous region outside Burrel, a town in northern Albania, the home, based on "Madame Prosecutor", was the populous clinic where KLA butchered 300 young imprisoned Serbians. Their organs were subsequently transported in trucks and marketed outside Albania. But, Del Ponte's publication is untrue instead of factual because it was a wonder for Albania's health care strategy to do the very first organ transplant in 2007 with the assistance of a specialized group of Italian physicians and equipments. Even though Del Ponte claims that the organ removal was formerly done in 1999 in horrible terms of Northern mountainous Albania, where even toda...

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