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Imperialism in Things Fall Apart, Thesis by Chinua Achebe Essay

Cultural clashes result in unnecessary battle. Several countries (Western powers) including France, Great Britain, and Belgium imperialized Africa. They did this because of their requirement for raw materials, demand for markets, and their endeavor to implement trade, create culture, and to bring in Christianity to be the principal faith. The conflict between the Europeans and the Africans caused the Europeans to colonize Africa and to partition the continent, this partition plan is know as the Scramble for Africa. Chinua Achebe's thesis regarding Colonial Africa in Things Fall Apart is a true portrayal of imperialism and Ibo culture to a high extent as a result of religious accusations serving as catalysts for battle, the use of this Christian, European missionaries attempting to conquer Africa, take the resources of their land, and convert multiple Ibo people to Christianity, along with the display of cultural aspects (customs/traditions) about the Ibo men and women. Religious accusations that function as catalysts for battle aid to come up with an accurate portrayal of imperialism and Ibo culture. In Things Fall Apart, the missionaries assertively state "Your gods are not alive and can't do you any harm" (Achebe 146). This quote shows the imperialists accusing the gods the Ibo men and women believe in and worship of being fictitious gods that are idols. These gods cannot hurt them and do not pose any threats. In addition, in Achebe's interview, "An African Voice," he says "You have leaders who find nothing wrong in inciting religious conflict. It's all simply to maintain electricity" (Achebe, pars. 9-10). Achebe claims that it is all about staying in sustaining and control (political) power. He additionally implies that there are leaders that see nothing (morally) wrong.

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