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Prejudice in To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee Essay

Prejudice is the preconceived and usually negative attitude or view of some thing or someone based on absurd feelings, inaccurate comprehension or preexisting stereotypes. It's a universal theme that's learned up (usually influenced by our surroundings) that often leads to the hatred, anxiety, or mistrust of a certain race, ethnicity, nationality, or social status. Prejudice has always been an issue throughout history; it's especially led to unnecessary struggles and rifts amongst people. Through her book characters in To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee explores the idea that though bias comes from all forms (it isn't confined to gender, race, etc.) it often results in the degradation of individuals or groups to the point were there is not any redemption. The book To Kill a Mockingbird takes place throughout the 1930’s at the fictional town of Maycomb, located in the Southern United States. In Maycomb there is a branch between the white and black communities since it is a time of racial discrimination. Their lives are governed by principles to maintain their uneasy co-existence; the snowy reside in city, the blacks back; additionally, there are different facilities, jobs, and buildings. Each group isn't totally known, in the novel the elephants in Maycomb are identified as a single unit, it's assumed that they behave, behave, and live exactly the same. If one commits a crime then everybody in that group is a criminal, when a person tells a lie when they're lairs. There's absolutely no opportunity to get to assert this, to differentiate and understand each individual and this is what leads to often unfair convictions, there's also resentment felt towards the whites from the black taxpayers. In the novel Tom Robinson is a black man accused of a violent.

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