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Freud's Wuthering Heights Essay

American author Sue Grafton formerly said, "We all need to check into the dark side of our nature - that's where the energy is, the fire. People are scared of this since it holds pieces of us we are busy denying." Her words could not represent the novel Wuthering Heights more perfectly. Written by Emily Brontë, the novel explores the notion of "dark sides" and the battle in someone who can't choose between their dark side and their light side. In the publication, this struggle takes shape through three individual characters, that, through Freudian analysis, could be argued as three parts of one single personality. Sigmund Freud's next topography of the human mind is an accurate map of the association between three key figures in the novel: Heathcliff, Edgar, and Catherine. This map is made up of three parts, the id, superego, and ego. The identification concentrates on all basic needs, the superego revolves around morality, as well as the ego reflects the mediator between them both. In order to completely comprehend the relationship between these three important characters, it is very important to understand their histories. In the most basic explanation, the narrative is all about Catherine marrying Edgar Linton due to his high status, rather than marrying Heathcliff, the abandoned orphan whom is described as another half of her spirit. Wuthering Heights explores the complex relationship between these characters made by one woman having to select between two guys; one who's faithful, pleasant, and ethical, and one who is fascinating, dangerous, and who drives the limits of morality. A consistent theme of psychoanalytic theory is "the presence of opposing feelings and urges" (Thruschwell p). Freud's next topography acts as a psychological model for this complex connection...

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