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Essay Pixel Qi

As we move into the future more and more of our devices have screens, but really the LCD, mobile, and OLED screens we traditionally use do not differ that much. They all draw too much electricity killing the battery lifetime of our devices and cannot be seen very well in direct sun. The alternative E-Ink has amazing battery life that will last weeks and may be read easily in direct sunlight but has a very slow refresh rate unsuitable for video and does not show color. Pixel Qi, pronounced Chee, is exactly what many believe the future of display screens is. It is the union of both of these types of technology, in order the touch of a button you can switch between E-Ink and a traditional LCD. This technology employs a type of E-Ink and contains a colour LCD behind it basically that shows the colours. Whenever you're in sunlight you can change the backlight off and your left with a black and white display easily readable in direct light. The Pixel Qi includes a slender strip of reflective material behind the E-Ink so that if it's off it looks silvery and reflective rather than a dark black like most LCD displays. The reflective material is what makes it all work lets color through but no sunlight letting you see everything once the backlight is off. Pixel Qi is already poised to begin releasing their screens to any personal computer maker that needs you. Currently they are only shipping ten inch screens and one of the very first uses of the screens will be in a tablet called Notion Ink which some think will be a contender to the iPad. The Notion Ink is going to be good for up to 48 hours standby on its own integrated rechargeable Li-Ion battery, 8 hours of HD video playback and 16 hours of internet browsing over WiFi. Amounts that surely best the iPads and certainly will create.

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