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Lyric Poems from Ancient Times Essay

The lyric poems in the early times are presented from the first person perspective. Considering that lyric poetry conveys the personal and emotional feelings of a speaker, Sappho's poems, Abu Nawar's verses, Egyptian poems, along with Neo-Christian Aztec poems explore the feelings of their speakers as they clarify their customs, culture, and tradition. These verses depict the fire, love, and perspectives of the ancient cultures The Tunes of Aztec Nobility encircle the fascination of the speaker towards her social environment. In one of the Songs of the Aztec Nobility, the speaker conveyed: "Make your beginning, / you that sing. / Can you beat again / your flowered drum, / can you give pleasure / to my lords, / the eagles, the jaguars. / Briefly are we here together" (1-8). This is the setting purpose of the verse--expressing the delightfulness of this speaker. The poet employs metaphor, symbolism, and imagery to highlight her viewpoints. The flowered drum symbolizes joy, delightfulness, and liveliness. The eagles and jaguars are all imageries of strictness and wildness, but through the flower drums that continue to conquer, these wild and strict lords become soft and overwhelmed. From this sense, it may be stated that through the span of ancient Aztec, poems like this state the metaphorical emotions of these poets. On the other hand, the Greek poems envisage the idea of passion and love between two individuals. In among those poems of Sappho, the speaker voiced: "Come to me today once again and discharge me / from grueling anxiety. / All that my heart longs for, / meet. And be yourself my ally in love's battle" (25-28). The speaker in this area of the verse seeks for dependency. Much like the poetic techniques of literary poetry, this poem too...

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